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Site Survey

It all starts with a comprehensive appraisal of the area to be covered. In addition to dimensions, drawings and photographs being recorded, our experts will, as far as possible gain a deep understanding of the sub-floor or wall that is to receive surface finishes. They will gather information about existing or proposed underfloor heating systems and ensure the smallest of detail is captured in order to propose accurate estimates.

If the site survey reveals that your preferred choices are not suitable for either the application or sub-surface structure and have a high potential to fail we will suggest more suitable materials.

Site preparation

Upon acceptance of estimates and materials ordered we will schedule time to commence the installation. 

Prior to final installation we will prepare the room, walls and floors to receive your chosen finishes. This typically involves the following steps:

  • Removal of existing surface finishes, skirting boards etc 
  • Floors levelled using special compounds and if required prepared with anti-fracture matting
  • Joisted floors over-boarded with structural boards to reduce movement being transmitted to the finished surface 
  • Tile backer board fixed to wall areas
  • For bathroom wet room systems, specialist tanking membranes are used in conjunction with pre-formed shower decks

Surface materials delivered to site

We will inspect the materials within 24 hours of them being delivered to site ensuring they are fit for purpose and are undamaged. We will aim to store them either in the room they are to be installed or in a safe environment.


We will have already agreed the set out with you and our expert fitting teams will be fully briefed with the correct job notes to ensure your installation is carried out perfectly. In many cases it will be the same installers who would have prepared the site beforehand. Any amendments at this point will be discussed in detail and agreed by email or signed job sheet prior to work commencing. For more complex installations, our contracts team will regularly check on progress and share updates with you.

Please note that under circumstances outside our control where we have to use additional materials or labour we may seek your agreement at that point to accept additional costs to cover our work.

Snagging and sign off

Following the completed installation, our contracts team will carry out a final quality check and subject to any snagging being completed will request your permission to sign that you are completely satisfied with the work conducted by us. If you are happy, we will submit our final invoice for your prompt payment please. (we may be cheeky and even ask for some photographs to share with others..!)

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